Hogwarts, The Dark Times

A Harry Potter Marauders Era RPG
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 Welcome To The Dark Times

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PostSubject: Welcome To The Dark Times   Welcome To The Dark Times Icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2007 8:31 pm

Welcome to Howgarts, The Dark Times.

The Dark Times is a Harry Potter based Role Play Game. It is set in the Mauraders era when the Mauraders are in their 4th year.

Before you create a charater or start to Role Play please read the forum rules in News and Notices.

Once this is read please go to The Plot and read the Main Plot.

Once these have been done, please make your way to Apply for a Character and use the form to fill out for your character. DO NOT start Role Playing until your character has been accepted by Admin or a Moderator.

Once and only once your character has been accepted go post in characters and fill out the full biography. This is so all members of the site can see what kind of character you are.

You then have the choice of choosing a face for your character. This can be a celebrity or model. There are model websites for you to get ideas from.

Now you've done all this you're ready to Role Play! So just have fun!
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Welcome To The Dark Times
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