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 Diana Dark

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Diana Dark
Diana Dark

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Character Name: Diana Dark

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PostSubject: Diana Dark   Diana Dark Icon_minitimeThu Jun 28, 2007 4:25 pm

Name: Diana Dark
Age: 14
Year: forth
House: Gryffindor
Alignment: Good
Blood-line: pure-blood
Favourite Subjects: Transfiguration

General appearance: good looking
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: dark brown
Height: 1,70 cm
Complexion: Peachy
Marks or scars: none

Pet peeves: lieing, rudeness, hypority, fakeness
Boggart: death
Habits: scartching her eyebrows when in thought, plays with things when nervous or agitated, or starts tapping her fingers in the same situations.
Treasured possessions: a silver bracelet that she recieved from her father when she entered Hogwarts.
Morals: She is against prejudices and pityes those who are prejudiced. She believes in her self and her friends. Her friends are above anything else and nothing can get in between.

Biography: Her family is as the name Dark. They value their pure-blood and their money. At least that is how it was since her father died when last year in September. She wasn't there as she was at Hogwarts and wasn't alowed to go to the funeral, because of her mother. She hates her family and her feelings are returned by her sister as she is at Hogwarts as well. A slytherin. There is a constant fight between them and no way of being friends.
We'll all see what happens next.
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Diana Dark
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