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 Character Applications

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PostSubject: Character Applications   Character Applications Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2007 7:19 pm

Before you start to Role Play you need to create a character. If you would like a Canon character then please go look in the Canon Characters topic. But if the character you would like is not there you can create your own character (OC). At the moment, while the site picks up, we would prefer it if you took the canon characters instead of creating an own character. Thanks.

To do this fill out the form below in a new topic with your character name as the topic title. This is not a character bio so does not need to be too detailed.

Own characters need to be realistic so please don't go over the top with drama. If you would like to be related to a Canon character then say so in your post and Admin will consider whether the relation is realistic.

Don't stick to the usual Gryffindor/Sytherin. Spread out with houses and years please.

If you wish to be on a quidditch team or be a prefect please state so and we shall accept if you fit.

Please note ALL characters must be approved by Admin or a Moderator before you begin to RP. Do not create a full Character bio before this time.

[b]Short Biography:[/b]

N.B In race you can be a witch, wizard, half veela, half giant, or vampire. But We may decline your request for the unusual races if we get an excessive amount as we can only have one or two.

Also, once your character has been accepted, remember to alter your RPG Character Sheet, which is located in your profile.
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Character Applications
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