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 Slytherin Table

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PostSubject: Slytherin Table   Slytherin Table Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2007 7:41 pm

The slytherin table waited eagerly for students to fill it's benches...
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Narcissa Black
Narcissa Black

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PostSubject: Re: Slytherin Table   Slytherin Table Icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2007 1:29 am

Narcissa Black walked into the Great Hall, her usual smirk plastered on her red lips. She never really cared for this room. It was filled with mudbloods and bloodtraitors, a fact that made her porcelain skin crawl. To be surrounded by so many that were quite unworthy in her eyes physically made her sick to her stomach. She scanned the room with her crystal blue eyes and her attentions were brought immediately the Gryffindor table. There sat one of the people she hated most in the world, her good for nothing bloodtraitor cousin, Sirius Black. An instant scowl replaced her sneer and her eyes narrowed as she looked at him. How he could have the same blood running through his veins that she did simply appalled her. He was definitely not a Black. The Black family was noble and always, always shared the same beliefs as their most ancient ancestors. He was the complete opposite, a disgrace to his family and even his own mother was forced to turn her back on him. His name was never mentioned at any of the family gatherings, never. It was as though he had never been born at all in their eyes. She held her piercing stare for a few moments and then looked away and began walking towards the Slytherin table.

As Narcissa made her way towards the table of her house her expression returned back to normal, her usual smirk back on her lips once more. A Hufflepuff student, a female Narcissa never bothered to learn the name of, but was certain she was a mudblood, was walking passed in the opposite direction and bumped into Narcissa's shoulder. Narcissa snapped her head around and looked at the girl with pure loathing. She grabbed her hard by the sleeve of her robes. "How dare you touch me, you filthy little mudblood!" Her voice was full of hatred and contempt. "Do you have any idea who I am? Have any idea of my purest of pure bloodlines? No one, and I mean no one lays a hand on me, or even speaks to me that does not run in my status. If there were not so many witnesses here I would definitely make you pay for your utter stupidity. Be warned though, there will come a time when we will meet again, and in much sparser surroundings. It is then, that you shall pay." She laughed at the girl in the most evilest of tones and smirked as she saw the look in the girls eyes. It was apparent that she was about to cry. This only added to Narcissa's cruel look but she would not do anything more, not just yet anyway. She stared at the girl for several minutes, released her grip on her robes and walked away.

Her day was not starting out not like she had expected. Now all she wanted to do was get to the Slytherin table and see Lucius, Severus, Regulas, Rudolphus and her sisters. They were the ones Narcissa deemed worthy. They were the ones who shared in her beliefs and the ones she trusted, especially Bellatrix and Lucius. She hoped that Lucius had spotted her exchange with the mudblood Hufflepuff student. He had often told her how he enjoyed her when she was like that, sinister and wicked. These were the traits that Narcissa admired in Lucius as well. Those were the things about him that drew her into him so deeply.

She made her way to the table and saw that no one was there yet from her inner circle. She took a seat towards the middle and focused her gaze on the door, waiting for one of her friends to arrive.
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Slytherin Table
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