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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2007 6:39 pm

Rules are boring to read. Everyone knows that. But to keep this forum a friendly place to post and Role Play we need a few.

General Rules

1. No Spamming. It's annoying to have to read one or two word posts. Unless you are posting in a game or have a reason for doing this then please don't do it.

2. No double posting. There is an Edit button if you feel you want to change or add something. If there is need to double post and the admins and moderators can see that then it shall be allowed.

3. No strong language. Small curse words will be accepted but please take into account we may have younger people on the site.

4. Insulting anyone (out of character) is a complete no-no. If you want to fight, take it off this forum.

5. No text speak. It's annoying and hard to read. Some is acceptable in out of character posts i.e lol.

6. If there is a problem contact an Admin or a Moderator. They will help you as best as they can.

When Role Playing:

1. Try not to control another character. You cannot make them do something you want them to do. Wait patiently for them to reply...where is the fun otherwise?

2. Stick to your character bio. If your character says they would never make friends with a slytherin then keep it that way.

3. Any kind of relationship is allowed, age or gender. But please keep other peoples views in mind and do not become too sexual.

4. Cursing and killing other students is completely off bounds unless you have permission of Admin.

5. Try not to open too many of the same kind of topic. Topics can be recycled! Admin and Moderators will try their best to lock topics that have ended, it would help if when it has ended someone could tell us by posting in the topic 'This Has Now Ended'. We will close it and put it in the Locked Topics forum at the bottom of that place.

6. When saying something Out Of Character (OOC) in the Role Playing forum please use doublle brackets and start the senetnce with OOC to indicate you are not in character. For example ((OOC: I am not in character)). Only use these to ask something about that topic. Not for a chitchat.

And Finally, the most important rule...Have Fun.
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